Giovanni Savino

It gets late early out there.

Illegal Street Photography


I have been trying for a long time to get permission from NY City and State authorities to set up shop, offering my photo portraiture services in city streets and parks. Well, their final word is that such a permit can’t be issued, because it does not exist ! Of course, based on The Second Amendment, they say I could feasibly “sell printed matters” in allocated spots. However, the use of a tripod is prohibited (unless a ridiculous amount of money in liability insurance can be paid) Being removed from my spot, fined and having my equipment confiscated would be completely at the discretion of the NYPD. This is an interesting angle on encouraging American individual entrepreneurship during these financially hard times, isn’t it? Well, so that you know, it wasn’t always like this in America.

If you happen to read this post and know something I don’t know, or can suggest a legal solution to this that I might be unaware of, I would be grateful for your advice.


Illegal Street Photography