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No Name Village FIREFIGHT




If you can spare five minutes and twenty-nine seconds from your busy life I invite you to listen to this audio recording.


Many years ago, I found a quarter inch audio reel in a rotting cardboard box, covered in dust, while helping my dear friend and mentor, Lighting Cameraman John B. Peters, clean up his garage.

He told me it had been recorded in Vietnam during his coverage of that war.

On the box, still legible, was handwritten: “Firefight, no name village, near Chu Lai, September 10, 1966, Nagra 3, 3,75 I.P.S.”


John recalled that he was out with a patrol that day, and when the Vietcong ambushed them, they all had to duck for cover, but his soundman kept the audio recorder rolling throughout the duration of the fierce firefight that followed.

I think it is important for everyone to listen to this tape, that’s why I decided to share it, as we appear not to have learned enough, yet, from the mistakes of the past.


There is nothing to be seen here, no photos, no motion pictures, no multimedia presentations, only sounds you can listen to.

Sounds of death, destruction, pain, fear, hate.


Please listen. Imagine if you, or your son, or your father were there.





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No Name Village FIREFIGHT