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A Bold Move

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Life is full of changes, some we pursue, others we resist.

For some reason, perhaps due to being profoundly intrigued (and actually a bit traumatized), by the biblical tale of Samson and Delilah I heard in my early childhood, I kept my hair well away from anybody’s scissors for most of my adult life.

To be exact, I didn’t even trim my hair for forty years.

But, as I entered my second half-century on this planet, I started to think that perhaps a “bold move” was needed. I felt a desire to retire my long-serving-hairy-image and change it, radically; in tune with the person I am today.

A more “contemporary “me.

Suddenly, while on an extended photographic journey in New Orleans, I was introduced to master stylist Beverly Daigle, a kind, funny and talented professional who, while taming my last minute-second-thoughts, basically transformed my head into a shiny billiard ball in no time at all.

How not to document such an important visual change in my own life?

I set up a time- lapse camera to film my “bold move”, while my darling wife shot some B-roll.

My shaven locks were then offered to the powerful currents of the Mississippi River, and, as I watched them flow down towards the Delta, en route to the ocean, a psychological jazz band intoned sad and happy notes in my head, burying the old me and saluting a brand new, older and bolder man, ready to live the rest of his life with gratitude, joy and untamed creativity.

Sometimes change is a really good thing.



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A Bold Move